The server development environment for modern games

Merigo is a server development environment for authoring multiplayer games. Just as modern game engines like Unity or Unreal provide out-of-the-box support for graphics, physics, UI, etc (which are all computed on the client), Merigo delivers a suite of commonly desired connected game systems & features computed on the server. For example, we provide production-ready feature templates for chat, guilds, low-latency multiplayer spaces, auctions, matchmaking, player persistence, leaderboards, multi-platform authentication, etc. For development speed and easy debugging, Merigo SDE provides an ultra efficient, flexible environment to implement or modify these features locally, and commit to a multi-member project using standard source control tools like Github to merge and deploy to various environments.

Create huge worlds

Merigo allows for hundreds of thousands of players to interact with each other in real-time. Quickly create experiences that match today's top grossing strategy and simulation games.

Tuning & rewards

Great games keep adding content. Manage live game logic, data, and assets without client updates. Developers can iterate and test locally before pushing changes live.

Score big

Merigo leaderboards are tied deeply into the game systems. Create daily events and distribute rewards all within the SDE.


Hook chat right into your game; fully control the look and feel. Roles allow players to moderate channels. Developers can integrate game commands to make chat even more interactive like delivering gifts or assisting a guild member.


Besides grouping players, Merigo entities have their own data and logic like experience and inventories. Chat and Mail systems allow members to coordinate and collaborate.

Featured Games using Merigo

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People who love us

Allen's deep experience with mid-core game design & running live events proved instrumental in our launch of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. He helped us establish the primary event harnesses and supporting systems that keep players engaged for the long-term and created EA's best performing mobile game in history.

Mark Otero

GM, EA Capital Games

In just a few weeks with Merigo, we were able to add KPI-improving features like daily rewards, special events, and dynamically tunable game content to our titles and manage these features & player accounts with the Merigo SDE game dashboard.

Chris Gray

CEO, Tapstar Interactive

Merigo helps our team create more ambitious projects by focusing our resources on front-end implementation and design to create the best experience for our players without fear that our supporting infrastructure will struggle to meet our design goals or perform at scale. As a studio that works with major publicly traded giants in the industry, building our projects on a platform that provides production-ready feature templates, is always available, and supports a huge variety of game designs has allowed us to pursue new & exciting opportunities.

Mike Mika

Chief Creative Officer, Other Ocean

Our company adopted Merigo site wide in 2016 after a phenomenal first experience with the platform on our flagship product, Battle Strike Force. Nothing else we evaluated supported the feature and performance demands of our design, but Chris and his team were committed to not just meeting these demands, but exceeding them while encouraging us to think even bigger. Partnering with Merigo has been a rare and refreshing experience compared with other technology & platform providers.

Nick Bhardwaj

Founder, Beyond Games

We came to Merigo with a vision for a mobile game offering a new bridge between the real lives of professional soccer athletes & sports influencers, their fans and gamers. Our long list of requirements including chat, guilds, auctions, trading, events, etc. took just three months to implement with the platform and our team was free to focus our efforts on the details that matter most to players through rapid iteration with a live environment.

Adam Davis


We used the Merigo SDE on a multi-million dollar mobile game project in 2014 with a very demanding publisher. Chris and his team were always on the spot helping us meet project requirements in record time and at a fraction of the budget we had initially scoped. For games on any platform requiring server-side simulation complexity or powerful live operations tools, I can't recommend Merigo highly enough.

Colin Doody

Co-Founder & President, Darkwind Media